……Take some time for you😊

It’s been couple of months I haven’t posted anything. My life is getting very busy and occupied with more work…………Even though I am staying alone its difficult to manage my own life……and now I can’t imagine my life with husband and kids……..Oh my god……I would die…..

I was in a gym yesterday and I saw one advertise of pet sitter popping up……..Just besides taking care of your pet these people take your pet out for a walk when you are not home…and you can actually track your pet….I started thinking about it later…… we all are so busy in our lives and job routines that we don’t get much time for ourselves, for kids or for pets……….I can totally understand that we all are totally buried under all our chores….But we should take at least 45 min for ourself we should do whatever we like to do……That way we get our alone time……I really like my alone time I usually go for a walk I listen to some music or I go to gym play my favourite game….sometimes I like to paint and check my artistic abilities 🎨………I can’t manage that every single day but, I try to manage that thrice a week……It feels good and refreshed…..Alone time keeps your emotional balance well maintained and I think everybody should try this. You can see the difference and you will be more happy, contented 😊

Picture of my favourite game….BASKETBALL🏀

…………A letter from mother♥️♥️♥️

I am missing my mother a lot, as I am staying away from my family, I miss her a lot. She is just beautiful in her own ways she is smart, sensitive at the same time strict as all mothers are. When I left my house and I got married soon she wrote a beautiful letter…….I am going to share that precious moment here……….


Wednesday 18th November 2015

Dear Aashu,

I hope you are doing great my child! I am missing you a lot dear……I think, this would be my very first letter to you isn’t it….I miss you every single day, when you were here I was busy with my work and now you are in US and I am totally free here…..It is very easy to give you suggestions that, “don’t worry, don’t think too much, everything will be fine blah blah” but when it comes to me it becomes difficult to stay strong. I am getting too bored here it feels like time has just stopped. When you were here, I used tease you, we used gossip and I used to bombard you with all my instructions…..yes I know there was conflict in your and my thoughts and we used to fight a lot…I really miss all those fights my darling…Now you are all alone in new country….. nobody is there to guide you or to scold you…you are a free bird now……be careful my brave girl

I think, from my end this is really nice that you are exploring world and learning new things. You can take your decisions now, you are mature enough to decide what’s good and bad…Nobody is there to interfere in you life not even me, even if your decisions are wrong you will learn from them…. this will be really helpful for your future. When you are alone and independent you try to think in all possible ways while taking decisions. You will find different kinds of people in this world….you will experience different people…Because experience teaches you more than anybody else can!

Dad is also missing you a lot but, as usual he does not show his feelings. Your younger sister is also not happy at all…..She tries to stay strong in front of me and she tries to understand me now…..

How is everything going there? How is your study going on? I know you are a bright student and you manage your studies very well….just stop worrying about your grades and keep working hard towards your goal…Enjoy your life make new friends and keep yourself busy….Take care of your health too…now I am not there with you so, you should be responsible towards your healthy eating habits…..

I know you are a good girl and we all trust you….You have a very kind heart….you think about all those people who are with you….and you get mix up very well..So, I don’t worry about it….But after all mothers heart doesn’t stop worrying for my babies….

Your Mom,




Unsaid love story…..❤️❤️❤️

I wanted to write something really different and brief today….and I thought of writing about my real love story ♥️♥️♥️ because our wedding anniversary is coming soon……so, basically this will be an early post😅.😅…..but that’s ok …….Personally I feel this thing is just miracle happened in my life and my biggest turning point ever…Having a secret crush during teenage is what we all have experienced and magically getting married to that person….. eventually that person turns out to be a perfect husband which makes you feel special and cares about you a lot…….I don’t know how many of you have had this feeling but, I must tell you it’s an amazing feeling……I know I am not his first love and secret crush too but I really feel lucky and blessed that god gave me what I asked for…..That would be the perfect feeling for any girl……..
I just came back from college one evening and was waiting for my tea…Scrolling my facebook page and I saw his post popping up….😍 curiously I stalked his whole profile. Before i could close that window my mom came with hot tea in her hands and as usual she peeked and checked who am I stalking!!!! She smiled at me….she left…..and I continued stalking him……I was almost 22 years old and my mom was looking for good matches for me….

You must have heard people saying opposites attract… I think this “saying” was actually made for us.

He is a hardcore introvert, talks only when needed and doesn’t express his feelings much. I am his total opposite lover, outgoing and expressive. I like talking to people, dancing, having a blast in life. It might interest you to know that we are actually relatives. He is the son of my far away aunt. But the secret (which he came to know after our engagement) is that he was my crush. I had always liked him. I admired his personality, his intelligence, his family.
But the twist here is that ours is actually an arranged marriage. I still remember his Facebook message asking me if I was aware of the brewing talks between our families regarding our marriage. So, in our case our parents played the cupid and thus started our journey. Ours has always been a long distance relationship, as after his MBA from UK he got a job in Qatar. He is a very supportive life partner. Today I am here in USA doing what I wanted to and living my long cherished dreams. If it were not for his encouragement, I would never have made it so far. Hence, our meetings were limited. But whatever time we got to spend together it was the best time of my life.

It still feels very unreal that my first love and crush is my life partner now!!!! This is such an amazing feeling that I can’t describe it in words.

It’s been 5 years for our relationship, but each meeting feels like a first timer. I thank our parents and the almighty for bringing him in my life.

It’s going to be an year now for our maeeriage and still we are staying away from each other in totally different countries….I think staying apart from each other gives us that strength to love harder…..

I would like to share Tiffany Alvord’s ” Baby I love you” song  to my lovely husband….thanks a lot for being an awesome person in my life…..You are the man of my dreams… I Love you!

“Baby I love you”



My 1st Liebster Award…🏆

Yay !!!!!! Yupppppieeeee!!!!! Hurrrrrrreeeee!!!!! I am so happy today……First of all, Thank you so much for nominating me A perspective on life from a shy introvert 

Thanks a lot this is my first recognition as blogger….I never expected to get nominated so early…..I am very excited!!!!

Yesterday morning on 25th October, I woke up on my regular routine and was just getting ready for office. I usually read blogs and write my blog early in the morning…..And I just saw that I have been nominated for Liebster Award by A perspective on life from a shy introvert….Thanks a lot again..You made my day dear!!!…… A perspective on life from a shy introvert This is an inspirational blog I should say…it brings all positive vibes when I read this blog….I am looking forward to such more inspirational posts…..I would recommend everyone to stop by this blog at least once..It worth it…https://chasinglife131.wordpress.com/about/




The instructions for accepting the Liebster are:

  • Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog and insert the award graphic.
  • Write about your favorite blog and provide a link.
  • Answer the questions provided to you, share a little bit about yourself.
  • Develop a new set of questions for your nominations to answer.
  • Nominate 10 others and share your post with them so they see it.

I am going to follow this instructions one by so that I will not miss anything out of my excitement…..because I am so excited

The readers who does not know about this award let me explain you….Liebster is a German word that means ‘be loved or dearest’…..This  ‘Liebster award’ is recognition of bloggers by other bloggers……I really appreciate for recognizing my blog and nominating me…..

I personally like to read posts by all bloggers whom I follow….Everyone is so creative and thoughtful with their life….But I love to read A perspective on life from a shy introvert I feel this blog motivates me as I said earlier….The best example is I had very rough week at office and the I read the post written by this buddy….https://chasinglife131.wordpress.com/2017/10/01/staying-positive-even-through-the-hard-times-perspective-4/ I could relate this post with my current life situation…Hats off to you dear….I got an energy to fight with my hard time…..Thanks a lot for sharing positivity by writing…

Here are my answers for the questions……

1. Describe myself in three word?

Loyal, Energetic and Alert

2. Why did you start blogging?

To share whatever knowledge I have gained so far  and experience so that I can help people in one or the other way….Some people have inspired me to start blogging…..Thanks to all of them…..

3. Who is the one person in your life who has inspired and encouraged you?

My Husband……fullsizeoutput_ce1

He is the one who is responsible for who I am today……He is been a great support system throughout my journey so far……I love him so much

4. Which is one memory that makes you happy when you think about it?

Last year on my 25th birthday my husband planned a surprised visit all the way from Qatar to USA..and I had no clue about it….That is the one memory that makes me feel happy and blessed if I think about it….

5. What is the most embarrassing or awkward thing you have ever done?

When I was doing my masters, me and my friends went to a Bachelors class meeting….just because we were getting free Pizza’s……Everyone was staring at us because we were not invited to that meeting and we did not even belong to that class…….It was so embarrassing….But still we had 3 slices of Pizza’s and we came back….It was so funny though..

6. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I think, I would not change anything about the world around me…..I like to enjoy this world as is it is…It’s a perfect blend of good, bad and some weird people….That teaches me a lot…..

7. Which part of the day do you like the best?

Early morning is the best part of my day……It gives me positive energy to work harder for rest of the day….

8. Mercy or Judgement?


9. What is one thing you cannot go without?

Coffee and my Family……

10. If you were to write a book, which genre would it be?


11. Name your favorite food item or dish.

Pani puri……(it’s a Indian famous chaat item)

Now it’s my turn to nominate other people and encourage them….and nominees for the ‘Liebster award’ are….

  1. Concept Pharma Shreyas writes about some scientific concepts of Pharmacy world.
  2. Thought Catalogue  This blog will host articles on cyber crimes, financial matters related to different countries and political news.
  3. Specscladeyes this blog revolves around life, women and love.
  4. Ta’lor Pinkspen This blog focuses on Women’s Empowerment, Beauty Standards, Body Positivity, Motherhood, Healthy Relationships, College girls and Equality.
  5. Avishek Singh  Its good collection of short stories.
  6. Body, Mind and Soul She looks beautiful, she writes beautiful….

Congratulations to all !!!!!! Kudos…….

Here are my questions for all of you……

  1. How do you motivate yourself?
  2. Three random facts about you which nobody knows.
  3. How much time do you dedicate for each post?
  4. What is your favorite blog post?
  5. Have you ever participated in any kind of social work?
  6. Which is the most interesting thing in your Bucket list which is yet to do?
  7. Share your favourite quote.
  8. What is your advice to new bloggers like me? any suggestions to me ?
  9. What is your dream?
  10. What makes you happy?
  11. What makes you feel proud?


To my nominees please send a message or e-mail once you publish your post….I am eagerly waiting to see your responses!!! 


Post a week challenge…..📈📅🗓

Goals for 3rd week of October………

  • Drink one cup of lukewarm water daily morning.
  • Open a savings account.💵
  • Zumba every evening. 💃🏻
  • Look for the financing of car.
  • Help at least one person.
  • Start thinking about new post.

Post a week challenge!!!!

Goals for 2nd Week of October……

  • Complete HPLC, Water content training at work.

I was really efficient at work this week……I know it seems like I could not complete the other training but..I worked more than my expectations this week….I worked on weekends too😓…..I am so tired….But still I could at least stick to my agendas….I could write one new post even though I  was so exhusted today…I am feeling accomplished now…..😎

  • Write a new post.

I have started writing about restaurants I visit…..Foodie me 🥙 !!!

  • Look for financing of car and finalize the car.
  • Planning of New York trip and hotel bookings.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Search all information about IELTS Exam.

Post a week challenge..📆📈

As I am a beginner to this blogging world, I was just reading blogs written by other people on WordPress….trying to learn something intresting….one thing I found is  Postaday or Postaweek challenge….I thought it’s really interesting and will keep me motivating throughout my week……As I mentioned earlier I have a habit of writing my goals on sticky notes and sticking it on my wall…..This keeps me updated and alert about my weekly or daily goals…….

So, those who don’t know about this challenge……let me explain you all…….This challenge is for those who have personal goals like posting every day or every week can take part  in postaday project to stay motivated and focused…..

To participate in this challenge I will need to (1) publish every day or week (2) tag my post with postaday or postaweek so other participants can find me……I generally don’t advertise my blog and I am still new to it…..I just got to know today that we need to tag our posts to reach out to other bloggers……..

I found this challenge very interesting and beneficial……By doing this postaweek challenge I can keep a track on my time and my productiveness……

I would be sharing list of my weekly goals on every Sunday and as I complete every task I am going strike that off…..which would make me feel accomplished….Let’s see how far I go with this my small commitment to me and my readers…..I am sure I am going to learn a lot form this small challenge…….😎😎😎

Goals for 1st  Week of October……(This is my birthday month🤗)🎂

To do list:

  • Complete my HPLC training in office.
  • Be very productive and efficient at work.

I was not that productive or efficient this week. I wish I will be in next week.

  • Exercise every day for at-least 1 hour.
  • No sugar in coffee ☕️

I did not cut down my sugar but, I have completely stopped having coffee at work. I think this is the first step towards my commitment.

  • Take an appointment for driving lessons.

I took an appointment yesterday. Unfortunately class was full for this month so, I got an appointment of 18th November.

  • Start writing new post.

I have not started writing new post yet but, I have decided the topic for sure….

  • Don’t eat junk food on my birthday.

I ate junk food on my Birthday… I am feeling guilty now. But explored new places here…and I am going to write that experience here…..

  • Try to help at-least one person.

I wanted to help at-least one person in this week and guess what I got an opportunity yesterday at my work place….There is a guy named Luey at my work place, he is from different department though..I don’t know him personally….He is suffering form blood cancer…He is under chemotherapy and treatment….It is bit expensive for him to travel so long for the facility. We all can help him by buying 50/50 raffle tickets…..So, whoever wins will get half money and Luey will get half money for the treatment……Everyone is so enthusiastically helping him…..I hope he will get well soon…..and I am glad that I could help him……I felt accomplished because I could finish one of my tasks for this week…😎

After reading this post one of my friends his name is Saumit, he told me to endorse his blog too….I think I should tag or post his blog’s link so that people will come to know…..He writes really well…Basically he is from Commerce background his blog name is Thought Catalogue….He writes about cyber crime, financial matters related to different countries and political news…. I hope it will help him…..Here is the link…….Thought Catlouge


Chasing my ultimate American dream….

I don’t know how to start this post but one thing I am sure about it is I started my blog just for this post but I had written so many different topics in between even I did not realize it….is’t it cool!!!!!

I was eagerly waiting to fly to US because after all it was dream and I had never travelled out of my country…..So, I was really excited to start this journey to USA 🇺🇸 because I was fascinated with all big cities of USA like New York, California etc. I never actually imagined myself coming to America, it was just a dream for me…..

The day arrived and I left my country, my people, friends, family and lots of sweet memories. I started my journey with more enthusiasm and curiosity……This was my first flight journey too….you can imagine my level of excitement now 😅 ✈️ I was little nervous and being very cautious for every single thing. I entered into my airplane I was really excited and full of expectations. It was for the first time I had seen airplane from inside…… I wanted to sit near the window but unfortunately I could not get the seats. I  tried looking through the window I enjoyed the beautiful night view of  the Mumbai city. Flight was really good and finally I landed in North Carolina…….Its a beautiful state…….

The very first thing I noticed when I came out of the air port was clear skies…….Sky was so clear…oh my god…..how it looks in pictures or portrays it was just like that….I was amazed by looking at it……😱 I would like to share one picture showing clear skies.

PC: Midhun Anne.  View from my earlier apartment (North Carolina). Clear sky ever……….

The time you step into this country it starts teaching you so many things. According to me coming to USA as a student is more beneficial, I have learned a lot from this country and I would like to go back to my native country and spread this knowledge as much as I can.

PC: Midhun Anne

……Along the highway, green is all to your eyes can reach. Palm trees, grass fields everywhere. Cleanliness is the best part of this country……everything here is so clean, well maintained and organized…I became more organized after coming here…..😎

People here are so humble and respectful they always acknowledge you with smile even if you are a stranger. Initially I used to feel weird but then I got used to it and it feels so nice when they greet you like that. You never feel that you are away from home. May be this is their way to spread happiness and positive  energy to surrounding. That one smile makes you forget all your problems. 🤗

Here people are professional about their clothing. They have several seasons and they change their clothing according to it….like in winters they dress up with sweatshirts, scarfs, winter boots, jackets etc. During autumn it rains a lot here….cute rain boots, colorful umbrellas, rain coats makes autumn more exciting….☔️☔️☔️ Shorts, bikinis and some casual T-shirts with matching shoes are being used in summer……All I can say is these people are very adaptable and well prepared for the any climatic changes.

USA is so unique in its own way that they like doing everything in opposite way…..for example; metric system is quite weird….we generally use Km to measure distance here they use miles…We measure milk or any liquid in liter these people use gallons. The way we write date is DD/MM/YY here it’s totally opposite MM/DD/YY…..we used to get so confused initially……One day I went to see doctor and I saw my weight was 143…..I did not see units😱.😱.😱.. I got so scared but then later I realized that it was in pounds 😅…… because we usually weigh everything in grams or kilograms……It becomes more confusing when you set up the temperature on heater because its written in terms of fahrenheit and not in centigrade……initially this transition was so confusing… I had to google all these conversions to know the actual value…I had a hard time transitioning from Indian to American system…..But now, I am used to it……

Observing these small changes was a good learning step for me…..and now while I am working…I am adapting more professionalism from Americans…..My all colleagues are so supportive and helpful….Here people are so punctual with their time and commitments….everyone is so honest with their work and satisfied with it……No work is small or big here everyone is at the same level……Nobody is being judgmental about what you do….people don’t gossip here and that’s the best part I feel…….Everyone is so satisfied with what they have…..As far as I know moving to United states has thought me a lot……and made me more responsible human being…..Education is one section in which America has opened its doors…This country gives chances to people and appreciate the talent…..Appreciating even a small thing changes your life…..I have learned appreciating small small things after coming here….I feel appreciation bring more enthusiasm and motivate to work efficiently…..I am always proud of myself because I had an opportunity to come here and have a quality education……😎

I wanted to share you tube video of a well-known comedian Kenny Sebastian who explains exactly the experience of Indians in America….. I hope you will enjoy it too…

I would like to share some photos of Wal-Mart (it’s a kind of super market) which shows there are infinity varieties  available for everything…….right from the milk to clothes……You will get so confused that instead of buying what you need you will end up buying something very different…….😂😂😂

These are different types of cheese…..I have never heard some of them…😅🧀🧀🧀🧀











These are different types of milk…..for example; 1% fat milk to whole milk, chocolate milk, almond milk, soya milk….and list goes on….🥛🥛🥛  


I tried my best to express everything through my writing and let people understand what I have learned so far…….I don’t know how much i could reach to my readers…..But I really enjoyed writing this post….🤗🤗🤗

I am Independent…….👩‍💼

I am an independent women now……..I have just joined a new company one week ago and moved to the complete new place having so many new challenges and goals in my bag. 😎 As I am growing up I can feel there are so many things that I have learned so far and I became mature gradually. I am living alone in different country away from my family is quite difficult and challenging to me at the same time. It’s like a starting totally new life with more enthusiasm.❤️

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.59.37 PM
PS: She is not an up coming model…She is my younger sister…and she looks hot ❤️

Managing almost a house without husband and kids is what I am doing now and it’s not easy at all. When I moved here in New York my struggle started with apartment finding. and it  was really pain in the neck 😪 even though it was so frustrating but then I got to learn so many things I could make connections with new people and I became little familiar with this new area. And then real struggle started after I got an apartment 🤗 as if all these things were waiting for me like settling up your own apartment, getting an internet connection, phone connection, electricity transfer and list is still going on…………Finding a car is next on my list….and I really don’t know much about cars. So, it is giving me a hard time. But I am hoping that I would get to learn so many things from this experience too…….You need to manage time for all things like cooking food, washing clothes, making time for your hobbies, getting yourself ready for work, having healthy food, keeping house clean and representable…….Managing salary with all these things and then try to save money for future purposes is kind of difficult but its important too. Now I realize why my mom used to be so careful while spending money on waste things.

When we stay with parents we really don’t care about all these things, managing your own money and running a house is really a good learning experience for me……..Growing up is very painful but its worth it because you are the one who rules your own life. Coming out of your comfort zone is the first step towards independence…….Its a dream for every girl to become an independent. We need to work hard for that because one thing I have learned so far that is nothing comes easy. Being an independent women I feel proud and confident because I can take my decisions now. If your life is giving you a hard time then just accept it as a challenge and face it you will be a different person at the end of the journey. 😎

Being an independent women brings me the feeling of a responsible person too. Responsibility towards mom and dad, I feel it’s now my time to take their responsibility because they have done so much for me and they are still doing it. So, it’s my duty to take care of them and provide them a lavish life from now onwards. I get a feeling of responsible wife and daughter in law too I should be able to take care of my husband and my in-laws because of their support and encouragement I have come so far.

Cheers to all those independent girls and women out there…….

………Mission completed 😎

It was a Monday morning a steaming coffee mug was waiting for me on my study table and motivating me to continue my job hunt even though I was exhausted with interviews. I made some space on table for my laptop and started my job hunt, I had just gone to New York for site interview and I was sending out Thank you note to my interviewers and suddenly my phone rings………..

HR Manager: Hi I am Sam, calling from Norwich Pharma Services. Am I talking to Miss Asmita?

Me: Hey hi Sam, how are you doing?

HR Manager: I am doing good how are you doing? By the way I have a good news for you Asmita.

Me: I am doing fine Sam, oh is it? what is it? (By that time I had figured it out that it is regarding job 😉)

HR Manager: You have been selected for Research Assistant position and you will be working under Kevin Manager of Method development and Analytical services. Your joining date will be 21st August.

Me: Oh that’s an awesome news Sam!!! Thank you so much for the offer and you made my day. I have just sent you a thank you note regarding Friday interview. (I was smiling continuously 😊)

HR Manager: Oh thank you dear looking forward to meet you. I will send you further information via e-mail. Congratulations again!!!

The interview day: Friday 28th July 2017

It was 7:50 AM I was professionally dressed and sitting at the visitors area near the front desk waiting for HR manager to come. I was totally nervous from inside but continously smiling and observing the people who were entering from the front door.

HR manager comes at around 8:04 AM gives me a brief introduction about himself and he observes me from top to bottom, takes me to the interview room. I was sitting in the room waiting for my manager to come.

At 8:10 AM

QC Manager: Hi, I am Jim Manager of Analytical department. How are you doing today? How was your journey?                                                                                                      

Me: Hello Jim, I am doing great. Journey was really good but little bit tiring.

QC Manager: Oh great then lets start. Tell me something about yourself?                      

Me: I am Asmita, a recent graduate form Campbell University. After my Bachelor’s I took 2 years of industrial experience in Cipla Ltd. & Pfizer Inc. I was working in a Quality Control department, I was introduced to industrial environment during these two years and could learn so many important aspects of Pharmaceutical industry. I could improve my analytical skills during this time and then I thought I should acquire some more knowledge and explore myself to the new culture, I decided to go for Master’s. I learned so many things during my master course like time management, research, meeting deadlines, report writing and list goes on. Now, I am here in front of you seeking for an appropriate opportunity where I could apply all my knowledge and experience.  😊

QC Manager: Oh thats really great! Something more about yourself which is not there in resume?

Me: Oh yes of course, I am a professional Basketball player too.

Interviewer 1: Professional (he was little skeptical) means you used to get paid for playing?  I personally don’t play basketball but I love watching it.

Me: No, not like that I was representing my school at state and district level.😃

QC Manager: What do you think will be able to manage change? Because this place is kind of secluded and there is no city near by.                                                                        

Me: Oh yes of course. Let me tell you one thing Jim, the place where I stay is more secluded than this. I think it won’t be that difficult for me because coming to totally new country was a big change for me if I can adapt that then this is manageable.                         

At 8:30 AM:

HR Manager: Why do you want to relocate for this job? and will you be able to survive in winters because it will be very cold here?

Me: Very first thing this is an excellent opportunity for me to explore myself in Research area and in a new state too. Being form North Carolina I have hardly seen snow and I am really excited to see it!!! I have so many winter clothes in my wardrobe and I am not using them (and I smiled, I was trying to make myself comfortable by cracking jokes in between)

HR Manager: What is your definition of success?                                                                    

Me: According to me success is efficiently working with co-workers and bringing up new ideas.

HR Manager: What is your salary expectation?        

Me: At this time opportunity is more important for me than salary. 😊

At 9:00 AM: (Team Interview) (Senior Research Scientist and Senior Research Associate)

Interviewer 1: Hi, how is it going so far?                                                                                  

Me: Its going really well and I am enjoying it!

Interviewer 1: So, by looking at your resume it seems that after Bachelors you took some experience and then again came for masters. Why did you land up at Campbell University? Were not you satisfied with your previous job? or was it so monotonous that you thought to go for masters?                                                                    

Me: I was totally satisfied with my previous job rather I was enjoying it and yes it was monotonous but I got to learn so many things during that period. As I was working on tablets I thought of doing some research in tablets itself. I found one professor from Campbell University he works on tablets. I followed his research for some time and then I approached him regarding my interest working under him. I think this thing landed me here at Campbell. I feel so glad that could be a part of such an awesome school.

Interviewer 1: That sounds really great! we did not know that there is school called Campbell and its providing such good course.

Me: (Gave a good smile with proud and confidently replied) May be Campbell is producing some good scientist 😎👩🏼‍🔬  (both of them started laughing and again I made myself comfortable in front of them. I was totally nervous from inside but I did not show it on face, rather I was showing them that I am enjoying it)

Interviewer 2: Basically this is a Method Development lab and not a research lab so you will have monotonous work. Do you think you wont get bored of it?                        

Me: I can totally understand what you are trying to convey me. But trust me doing research is also a monotonous work. The word itself tell us that it is REEEEEsearch my advisor always say this to me and motivates me. In my thesis I have done each and every procedure six times because my advisor needs data in six replicates. So, I think I know what monotonous is and I will be able to manage that work with less error.

Interviewer 1: You have mentioned that you know Good Documentation Practices (GDP) and you have faced some audits too. So, give me an example of GDP.                  

Me: Writing with pencil is not allowed in GDP either blue or black ink is acceptable. (There are so many examples but this example was well explained that I know throughly about GDP) (Interviewer was so happy with this answer because this is really small example but nobody notifies it quickly. He smiled and looked at me) (I guess I answered what he expected)

Interviewer 2: Do you have any questions for us?                                                                      

Me: Yes, How is your experience with the company?

Interviewer 1: Oh its really great experience! I have been here for seven years and I think I have got huge learning experience here. Well, timings are flexible here working environment is really positive. I am enjoying here.

At 9:30 AM: Lab tour and interview with Senior Research Scientist.

He introduced himself and started checking out my resume throughly.

Interviewer: Ok Asmita then tell me the definition of CGMP. 

Me: These are the Good Manufacturing Practices which ensures product quality.

Interviewer: As you have previous experience in Dissolution could you tell me how many types of dissolution are there?                                                                                          

Me: There are total seven dissolution types but I have worked with only type I & II. USP type I is basket while USP type II is paddle.

Interviewer: By any chance do you remember the USP chapter number for dissolution?                                                                                                                                      

Me: (I was surprised with this question, it was totally unexpected. I have read that chapter so many times but I have never paid attention to the chapter number. I tried to recollect it by my photographic memory) I think its USP <711> but I am not sure about it. Is it correct? 🤔

Interviewer: Yes, its correct. (It boosted my confidence one level up!!!! and it was so important at that time)                      

Interviewer: What type of HPLC did you handle? and  if I give you an HPLC to run will you be able to run it?

Me: I have used waters and Agilent HPLC’s. As I have learned theory of HPLC during course work and handled instrument during research.  Given a training of a week or two I will be able to handle HPLC independently.

Interviewer: Do you know which series of HPLC did you use?                                              

Me: No, actually I can’t remember it now.

Interviewer: Ok, lets go for the lab tour. (During lab tour, he was asking me all possible questions regarding instruments which were there. I was curiously checking out all instruments there were some advanced instruments I found and I was really curious about it so, I asked him some questions regarding those instruments.)

At 10:30 AM: (Team Interview) (Senior Research Scientist and Senior Research Associate)

Interviewer 1: What you think what are your strengths?                                                        

Me: I think I am very organized and detail oriented person. I believe in planning and execution. So basically I plan my day early in the morning, I have a habit of making to do list for every day and I try to complete all tasks on that day itself. I prioritize my work by doing this.

Interviewer 1: (She laughs) It is not going to work here then. Because you get so many things at a same time here.Even in the labs, if you are working in some area and somebody comes and puts their mess at your place how would you react?              

Me: I have worked in much bigger lab than this where at a time 200 people used to work. So, I think I have gone through such kind of situations. If such thing happens I would keep myself calm and try to focus on my work to be more efficient. I would try to maintain professional relationship with co-workers.

Interviewer 2: Where do you see yourself in five years?                                                        

Me: I am ambitious but would not switch job after joining, rather I would try to grow with company. Five years down the line, I see myself in in responsible position where company treats me as its asset and gives me an opportunity to be a part of an important decision. ( I had prepared this answer so well and I could answer it perfectly.)

Interviewer 1: What is your weakness?                                                                                        

Me: As I said I am organized sometimes I become to particular about it that my friends or roommates get irritated with it. The other weakness is I can’t say no to anyone if someone asks me for help and I end up taking more tasks than my capability. I am working on it by telling people that I have some other important work to do once I finish that I can help them out.

Interviewer 2: What you like most in the lab?                                                                            

Me: I like performing analytical test in the lab meanwhile I love doing documentation. Because documentation as important as performing an experiment.

At 11:00 AM: Director of Method Development

(This was the last session and I was so exhausted by smiling continuously and answering almost same questions again and again 😪)

Director: (He was checking my resume and he almost underlined each possible sentence on the resume and he was all set to ask me question) You have experience in Analytical you did master’s in formulation why do you want to come to Analytical?                                                                                                                                      

Me: Even if my master’s is in formulation analysis of that formulation was an important part I could learn. As i have past experience in analytics I am the most suitable candidate for this position because I have handled almost all instruments which are here.

Director: How will you handle a conflict with co-workers?                                                    

Me: I think I would try to keep calm and take very professional.

Director: You have mentioned that you did a Forced degradation study. What is Forced Degradation Study?

Me: It involves conditions more severe than accelerated testing. For example Thermal condition, Oxidation, Hydrolysis, Photolytic.

And it was done at almost 11:20 AM. 😅 I think this was the very first interview lasted for almost 3 hours.